Uniform Patrol

The FIU Police Department’s Patrol Unit consists of vehicle, foot, and bicycle patrol. These patrol mediums provide the FIU community with as many methods to ensure the safety of the FIU community.

Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrol is an important part of the patrol unit for prompt response emergency calls and crimes in progress, and for secure transportation of arrested person(s) to the county facility. Patrol vehicles are equipped with a standardized set of emergency and patrol equipment.

Foot Patrol

Foot patrol was established at FIU’s Police Department to complement vehicle patrol. Foot patrol allows the FIU Police Department to offer security in and around buildings. It also allows patrol officers to observe and monitor problem areas within the buildings, and to establish positive community relations with the university community.

Bicycle Patrol

The FIU Police Department created the Bicycle Patrol Unit to enhance accessibility by officers to areas where there are greater concentrations of citizens on foot. Bicycle patrol officers can quickly and efficiently patrol and respond to areas of the campus which are inaccessible by vehicle but too wide spread for traditional foot patrols.

In addition to being more accessible to specific areas on campus, these patrols are visible to the community, thus deterring crime. By patrolling the university on a bicycle, these officers are closer to the public, which allows them to listen to citizens’ concerns and act directly on them.