Travel Plan

The FIU Police Department encourages students, faculty, and staff to use an extra safety measure when traveling by completing a “Travel Plan” form with the FIU Police.

Since April 1996, travelers have participated in the program by picking up Travel Plan forms, filling out two copies with details of their travel arrangements, returning one copy to the Police Department and sending the second copy to their destination.

If the traveler does not arrive as planned, those at the traveler’s destination are asked to notify the Police Department. Investigators will have all necessary information to begin a search immediately. FIU Police Department will keep the Travel Plan form in file for 10 days after the scheduled arrival date.

Forms are available at the FIU Police Department, located in SO II at the Biscayne Bay Campus, and in the PG5 Market Station at Modesto Maidique Campus. Forms may also be obtained from any police officer, or from this web site.

Travel Plan Form