Operation Book Stamp

Operation Book Stamp is the FIU Police Department’s solution to decreasing book thefts at FIU. Since August 1998, the Operation Book Stamp program has been offered at both Biscayne Bay and Modesto Maidique Campus. During the first two weeks of each semester, members of the FIU Police Department set up tables outside the bookstores.

The FIU Police Department officer will stamp your book(s) on the inside cover(s). The stamp will have a line for your name, Driver’s License or Student Identification Number, the semester you’re registering the book, and for your signature. You print your name on the appropriate line. Then the officer will print your Driver’s License or Student Identification Number and the current semester on the lines provided. When you resell the book(s) to the bookstore, the bookstore staff will need to see a picture I.D. and will require you to sign on the last line of the book stamp.
It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it can save you a lot of money!

In addition to stamping your book on the inside cover; the police officer will place a fluorescent orange stamp with the letter “R” on the front of the textbook to warn book thieves that the book has been registered with the police department.

Operation Book Stamp is a Community-Oriented Policing program. The FIU Police Department is creating new partnerships with the bookstore and the student body to reduce book thefts.